Tea Cures

Cleanse and detoxifyDiscover our tea cure sets for cleansing and detoxification. An effective liver detox and liver cleanse can help to bring the body back into balance. Specially formulated to cleanse and detoxify, our alkaline tea cures offer the ideal support for therapeutic fasting. Each set contains our alkaline herbal tea made from jute leaves to support you with intestinal cleansing or general detoxification of the body. Supplemented with our high-quality jute powder, you can intensify your tea cure and enrich it with important nutrients. Our tea sets are perfectly balanced to support the natural balance and cleansing of your body.

Ideal for daily rituals or as a special wellness treatment, our tea cure sets are your supporters of a healthy and balanced lifestyle and help to gently cleanse and regenerate the liver and intestines and restore the acid-base balance.

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