JasminOur jute tea with jasmine is a masterfully balanced blend of pure jute tea and finest organic jasmine green tea.

Jasmine green tea was created in imperial China by mixing green tea and the flowers of real jasmine (Jasminum officinale). During drying, the green tea leaves absorb the fine aroma of the jasmine flowers (the "wedding"). Together with our Jute Tea Pure this results in a very extraordinary tea blend, which is appreciated by herbal tea lovers and green tea connoisseurs alike.

What does jute tea jasmine taste like?

  • lovely-aromatic
  • subtle, almost sweet jasmine aroma
  • fine herbal and green tea notes at the same time
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Jute-Tea Jasmine Tea Can

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16,50 € per 100 g
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Jute-Tea Jasmine Paper Pouch

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15,90 € per 100 g
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Jute-Tea Jasmine Refill

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Jute-Tea Jasmine Jute Pouch

8,95 € *
17,90 € per 100 g
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