Jute-Tea Jasmine

JasminThe world's first herbal tea made from the leaves of the jute plant masterfully blended with green tea jasmine of the highest quality. The extraordinary herbal green tea composition inspires both herbal tea lovers and green tea connoisseurs. The nutrient-rich jute leaves offer a balanced mineral composition, protective antioxidants and strengthening polyphenols. The alkaline herbal green tea blend from the northeast of the Indian subcontinent inspires tea drinkers from the first sip on and finally represents a real innovation on the tea market after a long time.

Valuable Ingredients

Minerals & Trace elements

Jute leaves have a high mineral content. Especially iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium are found in significant amounts, as are the trace elements zinc and selenium. Thus our jute tea represents the complete alkaline mineral spectrum.

Polyphenols for your immune system

Jute leaves are rich in secondary plant substances with antioxidant potential. In particular chlorogenic acid, astragaline, phloricine, procyanidine B1 and miquelianin act as radical scavengers in jute leaves and protect the cells.

Vitalizing effect

Our jute tea Jasmine contains a portion of real green tea, and thus some caffeine (in tea also called theine). The herbal green tea mixture stimulates the body in a calm way.

That`s how jute tea jasmine tastes like

  • sweet-aromatic
  • distinctive, almost sweet jasmine aroma
  • fine herbal and green tea notes at the same time

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