Tea blends

The ingredients for our delicious jute tea blends all come from controlled organic cultivation. We pay attention to the highest quality in the selection process and taste each new delivery before it is released for blending. Only when we ourselves are 100% satisfied, the jute tea is carefully mixed by hand.

Good to know: we do not use any flavour, fragrance or additives. Our jute teas taste just as nature intended: pure and unadulterated.


For centuries, Asian medicine has valued the healing...


Our jute tea with jasmine is a masterfully balanced blend of...


With over 30 different species, the variety of tastes in the...


Jute-Tee: koffeinfreie Tee-Innovation Jute-Tee vereint...

Lemon Verbena

The lemon verbena ( Aloysia citrodora ), also known as the...

Limited Specialities

Die limitierten Sonderauflagen gibt es nicht dauerhaft in...

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