When passion becomes a recipe: Jute energy cubes made by hand.

Premium energy cubes that deliver what they promise. Natural energy - finest taste - no compromises. Our jute energy cubes are packed with the best ingredients without any artificial additives. That's why they not only taste good, but also supply energy and extra minerals through our jute powder. The Jute Energy Cubes are available in three delicious varieties with different functions: Jute-Powerkick, Jute-Proteinkick and brand new: Jute-Immunbooster.



Energy cubes with increased caffeine content: 1 cube corresponds to the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee or espresso (70mg). The energy cubes contain guarana seed powder with natural caffeine bound to tannins: this makes the effect last particularly long. Dates, cashew and raisins provide a lot of energy and physalis and lemon make the Jute Powerkicks a fresh taste experience! Either for breakfast, when you need to get going quickly, as an energy kick in between, for studying for exams, for long car rides or as a workout booster before training: Jute-Powerkicks provide the energy for an active lifestyle!



Energy cubes with a lot of high-quality hemp protein! Hemp protein is rich in the essential amino acids leucine, phenylalanine + tyrosine and valine. For our Protein-Kicks we use exclusively peeled organic hemp seeds. Dates and cashew provide long-lasting energy. The jute protein kick energy cubes with dried premium pineapple are a particularly fruity taste experience. Due to the high proportion of plant protein, the energy cubes are ideal for athletes but also as a high-quality energy supplier for in between!



The very special energy cubes for your immune system! Dried physalis (Cape gooseberry) provide many vitamins and provide a fruity and sour component. The nightshade plant from South America provides a lot of vitamin C and carotene. The immune booster is supplemented by strengthening ginger - not candied, of course. The immune-boosting function is further enhanced by extra iron from linseed, apricots and, of course, our jute powder. With every energy cube you do something good for your body!

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