Small farmers' cooperative lays the foundation for Jutevital

01.07.2020 12:42

The company Intertrop GmbH – a spin-off of the University of Hohenheim in Southern Germany – initiated a Pilot Project in 2017 together with the Bangladeshi Ministry of Textiles and Jute for the development of medicinal food products based on dried jute leaves.

One year later, with continued support from the Bangladeshi Ministry of Textiles and Jute, we founded a farmers cooperative with 42 small farmers near the village of Lemubari in the heart of Bangladesh. Since then the farmers cooperative has been the heart of our jute cultivation: during the rainy season, the small farmers cultivate the jute plants for our Jutevital products with great dedication and care.

Our small farmers cooperative is the first farmers cooperative in Bangladesh to grow according to organic criteria. We also pay great attention to the involvement of women in the cooperative - the proportion of women among the cooperative's employees is almost 50%.

The pictures below show the four smallholders Abdul Alim, Chunnu Mia, Rahoman Tuhinur and Abu Sufian (from left to right) of our smallholder cooperative in Lemubari, Bangladesh. In the future, we would like to introduce and portray smallholders of our cooperative in a series of portraits, thus providing you with exciting insights into the work of the cooperative.

Further cultivation projects for our jute plants are currently being developed. Starting with the 2021 growing season, biodynamic cultivation areas will be build up in other regions. There we will again be doing pioneering work to develop and produce unique jute leaf products for our all health.

Look forward to more interesting stories and entertaining anecdotes about the beautiful and joyful work with the farmers of our smallholder cooperative.

Julian Börner


I am Dr Md Abdul Wohab, Ex-Director General, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, Gazipur, Bangladesh. My home district is Rajbari where jute is a very popular and economic crop. I am interested to promote jute and jute product in my native country and abroad as jute crop has bright future. I am also interested to help the farmers who grow jute and my country. I will be highly grateful if you kindly inform your activities.

Dr Md Abdul Wohab, 2020-07-23 08:58:02
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