Jute-Tee PurHere you will find our pure jute tea in the loose version.

It is best to use paper tea filters or a tea strainer for preparation. You can also put the loose jute tea directly into the cup and let the tea set settle or filter it. We like jute tea best if we let boiling water cool down to about 85 °C or cool it down with a shot of cold water. One teaspoon is sufficient for one cup of jute tea. The infusion time is between 3 and 5 minutes.

Tip: For the absorption of all ingredients you can drink your jute tea completely with the tea leaves!


That`s how Jute Tea Pure tastes like:

  • like a mild blend of herbal tea and green tea
  • slightly grassy, exotic note
  • soothing and vitalizing at the same time
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Jute-Tea Pure Tea can

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16,50 € per 100 g
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Jute-Tea Pur Jute Pouch

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Jute-Tea Pur Paper Pouch

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Jute-Tea Pure Refill

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