Customer Experiences

Jute Powder for blood sugar fluctuations (diabetes, ravenous hunger)

"Before meals, mix 1 teaspoon Jute Powder with unsweetened fruit or herbal tea (cooled tea!) and drink it quickly. As a diabetic, I can follow my blood sugar levels closely. The blood sugar does not rise so quickly after the meal, nor does it rise so steeply. The drop in blood sugar afterwards is also not so fast and steep. The reduced fluctuations can positively influence ravenous appetite attacks.

The Jute Powder also swells up a little. This certainly helps to fill the stomach a bit faster. This can of course also lead to the fact that less has to be eaten during the meal to be pleasantly saturated."

Charlotte V., Stuttgart (17.06.2020)


Jute Powder for the Prevention of Rheumatoid Arthritis

"To prevent rheumatic diseases I have been taking rose hip powder for years. The unsaturated fatty acids contained in it, especially ALA, have a very anti-inflammatory effect and are recommended for the prevention of rheumatic diseases. I first heard about Jute Powder at a weekly market - and that it contains twice as much ALA as rose hip powder. Since then I have switched to Jute Powder. I usually take it together with cereals. One teaspoon in the morning is quite sufficient!"

Andreas K. (26.07.2020)


More performance in sports through Jute Powder

"I always have to be quick in the morning. The most I have time for is yogurt or cereal. Since I add 2 teaspoons of Jute Powder to soy yoghurt every morning, for example, I feel much fitter throughout the day. I also notice it during sports (I am a runner). Already after the 3rd day I was more performant when jogging."

Julian A., Filderstadt (08.08.2020)


Jute Powder against overweight

"About 5 months ago my son introduced me to the products of Jutevital. Since then, I drink a cup of Jute Tea Ginger before breakfast in the morning and 2 cups of Jute Tea Original afterwards. This makes me feel very comfortable.

My wife drinks 2 cups of Jute Tea Original in the morning and Jute Powder in the afternoon. She has lost about 3 kilos of weight to date. She also has no problems with her allergy to pollen and salicylates.

My daughter also drinks Jute Tea and Jute Powder. She has also lost a few kilos. She also has much better bowel movements.

All in all, we have had the best experience with the products of Jutevital."

Jürgen We. (13.07.2020)


Jute Powder against iron deficiency

"Since my doctor regularly recommends that I pay attention to my iron balance, I should actually take an iron supplement from the pharmacy. Unfortunately, I do not tolerate the artificial iron preparations very well. I often had problems with stomach ache and nausea. Then I tried it with Jute Powder. I first tried a little bit around how I can best integrate it into my day, and in the meantime I have found the perfect combination: I take a teaspoon of Jute Powder every morning together with a glass of orange juice. The vitamin C in the orange juice allows the body to absorb the iron even better. Since then my iron levels have been much better and I can finally do without the preparations from the pharmacy!"

Gisela K., Leonberg (03.08.2020)


Weight loss through jute powder

"I have been taking jute powder for 2 months. First I lost about 4 kg of weight and several people have also noticed that. I was also told 3 times by different people that I look much healthier. Nice to hear something like that. In the beginning I had a few problems. I always take jute powder with orange juice. When stirring in the glass the powder did not spread properly and there were lumps - that was not so good. A good friend, to whom I had recommended jute powder, had found the solution. With a milk frother - I ordered it in the net for about 10 € - the problem was solved and the jute powder was distributed in the orange juice in 2 seconds (I always use direct juice from the refrigerated bar). In addition, my lactose intolerance improved significantly (about 80%)."

Uwe W., Stuttgart (15.09.2020)


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